Oppenheimer Cast Revealed

Christopher Nolan, the man who directed Inception, Dunkirk, Batman Begins, and the subsequent two Batman movies is now working on his next masterpiece – Oppenheimer. Touching on most controversial topics as usual, Christopher Nolan’s upcoming movie tells the story of J. Robert Oppenheimer and the role he played in the development of the atomic bomb. 

Most interestingly, several characters have already been announced. Beautiful Emily Blunt, the British actress known for her stunning performances in A Quiet Place, Marry Poppins Returns, The Adjustment Bureau and many other films will be playing the main character’s wife Katherine Oppenheimer. 

Robert Downey Junior will portray Lewis Strauss while Matt Damon plays Lt. Gen. Leslie Groves. Oppenheimer will be depicted by a most talented actor with numerous credits – Cillian Murphy. The actor has previously played in five other Nolan movies but this will be his first lead character.