Johari Turner Presents “Cold Truths”

Producer, singer and rapper Johari Turner has released a new single titled “Cold Truths.”  The new track will undoubtedly prick the ears of R&B and Afro listeners! The singer continues to discover his identity with the new single, which features smooth production, emotive and creative lyricism, and ear-worm melodies.

Johari Turner’s smooth and lovable vocals lead you through this groovy song over an ethereal R&B/Dance track. The single is garnering new and potential fans across the globe as we speak! Make sure to add “Cold Truths” to your playlist! With a voice full of lovely melodies and great talents, this gifted artist has produced a work that strikes our hearts. This adds a hint of melodic presence while also giving his tunes a feeling of assurance and independence.

Johari Turner employs a powerful chorus, shifting vocal tones, and pretty much nothing else to create an impressive ambiance. This solo is a force to be reckoned with! With outstanding vocals and talent like this, they’re unstoppable. We’ll see them on top of the charts in no time.

Johari Turner can be found on Spotify | TikTok