George Floyd’s Family Is Suing Kanye for $250 Million

Following Kanye West‘s comments on the podcast “Drink Champs,”the rapper receives a lawsuit from George Floyd‘s family. Roxie Washington, the mother of Geoge Floyd’s daughter explained that the lawsuit is for “harassment, misappropriation, defamation, and infliction of emotional distress.”

During the podcast, Ye claimed that George Floyd died due to the drug fentanyl rather than at the hands of the Minneapolis police. N.O.R.E. was trying to push back on Ye’s statements but the fans of the show were upset for his decision in letting him talk. N.O.R.E. later apologized for the situation, “We apologize to the family of Mr. Floyd and anyone else hurt by this episode.”

George Floyd’s family is planning a $250 million suit against the rapper.