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The Soul Motivators Drop A New Track “It Is What It Is”

The Soul Motivators follow up their much-praised album “Do The Damn Thing” (2020) with a brand-new song that features Shahi’s powerful voice. A well-crafted soul groover that belongs on any Hitsville playlist, “It Is What It Is” is sure to get you on the dance floor. It addresses the topic of our shared highs and lows, encouraging us to press on despite the gloom.

This tune is for you if you want your old music to have the swagger seen in more contemporary tracks. This song is for you if you need to stay inspired even when things seem hopeless. Even when things go wrong, the reality is reality. Either you let it consume you forever, or you get up after some thought and start doing the dang thing.

The Soul Motivators can be found on Spotify


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