Powerful Whispers & Sassy Catwalks: Richard Germane Breaks Down “She Bad”

NY’s up-and-coming artist, Richard, just shared a new single “She Bad,” which challenges limited perceptions of femininity, drawing inspiration from women and emphasizing their versatility and capabilities. The song’s eclectic composition incorporates diverse musical styles and global rhythms, with the singer’s vocals serving as the background melody. 

During our brief interview, Germane explained that he rewrote every verse at least five times to ensure relatability. He also revealed his process of incorporating hip-hop elements with other influences creating a seamless and cohesive sound. Inspired by icons like Beyoncé, Grace Jones, and Prince, the artist admitted he hopes to contribute to their legacy by becoming a performer and a fashion icon, expressing himself authentically through his music and visuals.

Read the full conversation below.

What was the main inspiration behind creating “She Bad” and how did you channel that energy into the song’s composition? 

The main inspiration is Women. I was walking down the street and I saw this woman pushing a stroller and I was like “SHE BAD YEAH” then I wrote this hook and sent it to my producer.

Tell us more about the diverse musical styles and global rhythms that influenced the percussive-driven beat of “She Bad.”

I knew that I wanted it to be eclectic but the challenge was getting the right groove without being too carnivalesque. So the background melody was me guiding the producer to kind of orchestrate and we experimented but nothing was working so we kept my vocals instead.

In “She Bad,” you aim to challenge the limited perception of what it means to be a fierce and powerful woman. How did you ensure that the song represents a wide spectrum of women, including single mothers and successful businesswomen? 

I think the second verse is emblematic of that. “She momma She Poppa Single Mom Applaud her” is a lyric that offers the sentiment in a tongue and cheek way. When you hear the first verse it’s kind of almost a little cliché, but the second is a contrast showing how versatile a woman can be. I literally saw my mom put marble tiles on the floor when I was little. Women can do anything and feminine beings can do anything.

Can you provide more insight into the process of crafting the empowering lyrics that capture the essence of a confident and fearless woman? Did you have a particular idol in mind while writing the song?

I rewrote every verse at least 5 times. I had so many bars on top of bars but I wanted it to be general enough so that people could relate to it. I actually freestyled the bridge, because I didn’t have anything by the time we got to the studio recording.

How did you successfully combine hip-hop elements with other musical influences in “She Bad”? What steps did you take to ensure a seamless and cohesive fusion of these diverse genres, resulting in a harmonious sound throughout the song?

Thank you! I appreciate that. I love hip-hop and love using rap like cadences in my melodies. I was keen on using my voice as a drum pattern and switching up the vocal tones and melody just enough to give it that pop and flavor without it clashing. I knew coming into recording that my delivery had to be on point so that it sounds listenable and effortless. I really just had to believe every single lyric and get into character.

Could you share any specific lines or moments from “She Bad” that hold personal significance to you? We would love to hear why they are particularly meaningful to you.

“She catwalks no whiskers there’s power in her whisper,” I think that’s such a significant lyric to me because there is a power in being soft and vulnerable.

Being inspired by artists like Beyoncé, Grace Jones, and Prince, how do you hope to contribute to the legacy of these influential figures through your own music, and what aspects of their artistry do you strive to incorporate into your own unique style?

I’m striving to be a performer and a fashion icon. These artists have inspired me and I want to contribute to the legacy by constantly improving and unapologetically expressing myself through my visuals and music.

Listen to “She Bad” here: