Offset Releases Visuals for “BLAME IT ON SET”

Offset unveils the music video for “BLAME IT ON SET,” the latest single from his second solo studio album, SET IT OFF. Directed by Maya Table and creatively steered by SheShe Pendleton, the video is a cinematic journey that delves into the rapper’s dual life, seamlessly transitioning from the corporate grind to after-hours revelry.

The visual narrative kicks off with Offset in a corporate setting, positioned stoically behind a desk, surrounded by an escalating stack of files. As the beats drop, so does the corporate facade, and Offset unapologetically sheds the constraints of the nine-to-five grind. His verses resonate with a sense of autonomy and self-assuredness, proclaiming, “I could’ve kept it to myself, they can’t be too upset / I done broke bread, cut checks, they can’t be too upset / I took that rope off my neck, they couldn’t be too upset.”

Directed with finesse by Maya Table and brought to life through the creative direction of SheShe Pendleton, the “BLAME IT ON SET” music video is a high-octane visual feast. Offset effortlessly navigates between various outfits and dynamic locations, all while showcasing his signature dazzling smile and an impressive display of dance moves.

SET IT OFF stands as a testament to Offset’s artistic expansion, showcasing a refined and evolved version of his craft. The album features collaborations with a stellar lineup of artists, including Travis Scott, Don Toliver, Latto, and Cardi B, demonstrating Offset’s ability to curate a diverse and impactful musical tapestry.

Just last week, Offset took the stage on Jimmy Fallon‘s The Tonight Show alongside Don Toliver for a spirited performance of “WORTH IT,” offering viewers a taste of the vibrant energy that defines SET IT OFF.