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Jack Harlow and Dave Collaborate on Lyrical Lemonade’s “Stop Giving Me Advice”

In a preview of the upcoming All Is Yellow Lyrical Lemonade compilation album, Cole Bennett has revealed the latest musical gem, showcasing the collaborative prowess of Jack Harlow and Dave. Set against a star-studded lineup featuring Kid Cudi, Lil Durk, Lil Tracy, Corbin, Juice Wrld, and Cordae, the album promises a diverse musical tapestry.

The closing track, and fourth single released, “Stop Giving Me Advice,” features an enthralling exchange of clever verses between Jack Harlow and Dave, both adorned in signature bright yellow ties. Bennett, known for his visually captivating directorial style, helms the black and white video, skillfully accentuated with striking yellow details. The visuals capture the rappers gallivanting through Dave’s hometown of London, adding an international flair to the lyrical exchange.

Harlow, with confidence, asserts, “No Sprite, but life givin’ me lemons with the limelight,” while Dave, equally impactful, delivers, “I met a fan at work, he told me it’s his job on the side, as if I’m unimpressed by his everyday life.” The synergy between the two artists is palpable, creating a momentous collaboration that Bennett describes as, “bringing these 2 together on this feels like a moment. every bar.”

The music video, available for streaming on Spotify and Apple Music, offers a dynamic visual narrative that complements the infectious energy of the track. As the anticipation builds, All Is Yellow is set to drop on January 26, 2024, promising a sonic journey enriched with diverse collaborations and resonant beats.


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