Ice Spice Allegedly Secures Billboard Female Hip-Hop Album Of The Year Recognition

Chart Data recently reported that Billboard has named Ice Spice‘s album, “Like..?,” as their female hip-hop album of the year. However, it’s crucial to approach this claim with some skepticism since Billboard, as of now, hasn’t officially acknowledged or released any statement regarding this declaration. The absence of confirmation leaves fans and industry observers questioning the basis of Billboard’s supposed staff picks for the year and the criteria that led to “Like..?” topping the list.

Adding an intriguing twist to the narrative, Ice Spice’s flag—a modified American flag in pink with an image of the rapper—was seen flying over the Capitol Records headquarters. The significance of this display remains ambiguous, leading fans to speculate that it might signal the impending release of Ice Spice’s full-length debut in 2024. These speculations gain weight from hints dropped by her long-time producer, RIOTUSA, suggesting the possibility of an album dropping next year.

Ice Spice’s meteoric rise in 2023 sets the stage for a potentially massive 2024, marked by significant achievements, including the rapper earning her own drink at Dunkin’ Donuts. The promotion took center stage with the release of the Ice Spice Munchkins Drink, accompanied by a fun and meta advertisement that aired during the VMAs on September 12. In the ad, Ice Spice collaborates with Ben Affleck, a certified Bostonian, as they brainstorm names for her signature drink. Affleck adds humor by cranking up his Southie accent, while Ice Spice plays the straight woman, unimpressed by Affleck’s antics.

While the Dunkin’ Donuts promotion was anticipated, the official debut occurred with the ad spot, and the product hit stores on September 13. Dunkin’ Donuts’ CMO Jill McVicar Nelson highlighted the collaboration, stating, “Pumpkin spice season has gotten a bit predictable lately, so we sought help from our friends Ben Affleck and Ice Spice to create a new pumpkin obsession that only Dunkin’ can offer.” The collaboration resulted in the Ice Spice Munchkins Drink—a unique and flavorful addition to the pumpkin drink repertoire.