Lil Tecca Releases Highly Anticipated Track “Down With Me”

Following the exclusive debut of his latest cut, “Down With Me,” on YouTube a few days ago, Lil Tecca has made good on his promise to release the track on all digital streaming platforms. The New York-based rapper, known for his social media-savvy teases, dropped the vibey two-minute track earlier today on Spotify and Apple Music.

Teasing fans for over a month on Instagram, the anticipation for “Down With Me” reached a fever pitch, with followers pleading for the rapper to end the suspense and release the track. The social media buzz surrounding the song has already translated into success, as the accompanying music video, directed by Tecca and local director jordiedotcom, has garnered nearly 2.5 million views on YouTube.

In “Down With Me,” Lil Tecca showcases his signature style, smoothly navigating over a meticulously produced beat. The chorus encapsulates his confident delivery: “Show me somethin’ I ain’t never seen, won’t be easy for me, yeah-yeah (Blatt) / All the time that I could hear ‘em speak, that sht been hard to believe, yeah-yeah / Tables turned but you gon’ fuck around and wish you still had your seat, yeah-yeah / She said, ‘Tecca, boy, you think you the sht,’ but who f*ckin’ with me? Woah, woah.”

Watch the video for “Down With Me” below.