Playboi Carti Unveils Exclusive “EvilJ0rdan” Track

Playboi Carti continues the anticipation for his upcoming project, keeping fans hooked with a relentless rollout. Following the recent releases of tracks like “Backrooms” featuring Travis Scott, “H00DBYAIR,” and “2024,” the rapper surprised his followers last night with his latest offering, “EvilJ0rdan,” shared exclusively on his Instagram.

The track made its debut precisely at 9:30 p.m. EST, accompanied by a teaser clip featuring a man shouting, “New Carti droppin’ tonight!” As one user humorously noted, “If the bald British guy says it, then it’s dropping.”

In “EvilJ0rdan,” Carti immerses himself in the kitchen, casually pouring a drink into his Hello Kitty mug while sporting devil horns. The lyrics kick in with an unapologetic energy, “First I go whip out the boat / No, I can’t hit on no brakes / My life is out of control / I’m tellin’ you, nobody’s safe.” The thumping 808 drives the two-minute track, capturing the essence of Carti’s unique style. Meanwhile, the rapper strolls around his place, showcasing a vinyl of Mr. Bungle with cover art that intriguingly mirrors his current outfit.

As of now, “EvilJ0rdan” is exclusively available on Carti’s Instagram and is not yet accessible on any DSPs or YouTube. Keep an eye on All About Ginger for further updates on his upcoming project.