Ariel Houston Unveils Emotional Journey in Latest Release “Lose You”

In a musical landscape often saturated with predictable narratives, Ariel Houston emerges as a distinctive force, blending her multifaceted identity seamlessly into her artistry. The singer, activist, mental health clinician, influencer, entrepreneur, and CEO from New York, has released her latest single, “Lose You,” January 30, 2024.

Ariel‘s musical journey began at the tender age of five, when she was captivated by Whitney Houston’s enthralling performance of “The Greatest Love of All.” Fast forward to the present day, and Ariel Houston has evolved into a formidable presence in the music industry. Inspired by legends like Whitney Houston, Faith Evans, Karen Clark, Tina Turner, and Deborah Cox, Ariel envisions collaborations with a diverse range of artists, from DJ Khaled and Cardi B to Sunny Jorge, Lizzo, and even her son, emerging rapper Jordan Houston.

The track “Lose You,” co-written by Ariel Houston and Ali Gooseberry with production by Christopher Johnson at 973 Studios in East Orange, New Jersey, offers a glimpse into the artist’s raw and authentic storytelling. The song navigates the intricate web of relationships, exploring themes of indecision, commitment, and the fear of losing a loved one. Ariel’s emotive vocal range takes center stage, delivering verses that resonate with vulnerability and strength.

ariel houston "lose you"
Artwork of “Lose You”

Accompanying Ariel Houston on “Lose You” is emerging rapper Sunny Jorge, adding a dynamic layer to the track. The collaboration showcases the artist’s ambition to create music that transcends conventional boundaries, featuring a diverse range of sounds and voices.

As Ariel Houston unveils “Lose You,” listeners are not only treated to a soul-stirring melody but also a glimpse into her upcoming album, “Mermaids & Unicorns,” set for release in May 2024. The album promises to be a testament to Ariel’s growth as an artist, featuring a diverse range of sounds and collaborations.

Beyond her musical pursuits, Ariel’s commitment to mental health advocacy adds a unique depth to her art. As a mental health clinician, she leverages her firsthand experiences and academic background to address the needs of individuals battling severe mental illness and substance addiction. Ariel’s tireless efforts in this domain have garnered media attention, including interviews on Fox, CNN, and features in EMpeccable Magazine.

“Lose You” marks another significant milestone in Ariel Houston‘s remarkable journey. The single invites listeners to delve into the complexities of love, guided by Ariel’s authentic and heartfelt storytelling. As the artist continues to break new ground in the industry, “Lose You” stands as a poignant chapter in her evolving narrative, promising an exceptional year ahead in her musical journey.