Fat Joe Gets His Hands on Donald Trump’s Shoes

Last week, Donald Trump made an attempt to unveil a new footwear line characterized by his signature visual elements, such as a gleaming gold color and the presence of the American flag. However, the shoes faced widespread rejection from sneaker enthusiasts, fashion aficionados, and rap fans alike. Despite the collective disapproval, there was an unexpected figure in the rap scene who expressed an interest in acquiring a pair – Fat Joe. Defying the prevailing criticism, he took to social media to showcase his recently acquired Trump shoes.

Fat Joe shared a series of videos on various social media platforms, offering a detailed explanation for his decision to purchase the controversial shoes. In an effort to clarify his stance, he emphasized that his acquisition did not signify support for Trump’s political endeavors, and he had no intentions of casting a vote for the candidate in the upcoming election. Despite the widespread disdain for the design among sneaker enthusiasts, Fat Joe expressed genuine admiration for the style of the shoes, stating that he felt compelled to “get his hands on them.” The series of videos documenting his acquisition can be viewed below.

The comment section of Fat Joe’s posts became a battleground where fans engaged in heated debates over the authenticity of his motives. Some skeptics questioned the rapper’s sincerity, speculating that he might be concealing his actual support for Trump. Leading comments such as “Another closet Trump fan” and “Well, either way, you’re supporting him” reflected the divided opinions. Additionally, there were those who believed Fat Joe’s purchase was driven more by financial considerations than personal preference, with comments suggesting that it might be viewed as an investment due to the anticipation of a surge in the shoes’ market value: “Investment. He knows them shoes’ price ’bout to go crazy,” read one of the top comments.

Fat Joe is not the sole figure in the rap industry whose interactions with the former president have stirred discussion. Benny The Butcher recently disclosed that he declined a meeting with Trump earlier this week.