Travis Scott is Scheduled to Perform on Saturday Night Live on March 30th

Travis Scott is set to take the stage as the musical guest on the upcoming episode of Saturday Night Live, scheduled for March 30. The announcement follows Ariana Grande’s recent performance on the March 9 episode. Scott, expected to showcase tracks from his latest project, UTOPIA, will be featured on an episode hosted by actor and comedian Ramy Youssef. Notably, Scott previously graced the SNL stage as a musical guest in 2018 during an episode hosted by Awkwafina.

However, discussions surrounding Scott have resurfaced, stemming from a promo for his 2018 appearance, sparking debates about his potential drug use. In the clip, Scott appears disconnected from the surroundings, leading fans to speculate about his well-being. Despite the footage being from five years ago, concerns have emerged on social media regarding the rapper’s current drug habits, with one individual expressing worry about potential harm.

Beyond the drug-related discussions, discontent has surfaced among Scott’s fanbase concerning the news that UTOPIA achieved double platinum status. Fans expressed disappointment, particularly in the context of UTOPIA losing the “Best Rap Album” Grammy to Killer Mike‘s Michael. Despite Michael’s Grammy recognition, fans pointed out that it peaked at No. 58 on the Billboard chart, sparking debates about the awards and music industry acknowledgment.