Fly Jerr Drops His Hot New Single “Valentin”

Montreal-born rapper Fly Jerr, born on July 17, 1988, is making waves with his latest release, “Valentin.”

Fly Jerr‘s musical journey began in 2014, when he took his first steps into the rap world alongside Bamis. Rooted in drill and trap, Fly Jerr’s distinctive musical style sets him apart. He’s an active member of the Wewill Productions team, collaborating with renowned artists like Bamis, Mario McFly, Surius T, and Dahlia.

Before diving into rap, Fly Jerr showcased his talent as a DJ, sharing the turntables with his cousin Vlad from Icey Production. This experience gave him a unique understanding of the music world, enriching his transition to rap.

In 2009, Fly Jerr joined Imposs’s street team, marking his entry into the music industry. Since then, his career has continued to flourish, fueled by his passion, dedication, and unmatched musical style.

“Valentin” is a testament to Fly Jerr’s evolution as an artist. The track showcases his lyrical prowess and infectious beats, captivating listeners from start to finish. With its catchy hooks and undeniable energy, “Valentin” is sure to leave a lasting impression on fans old and new.

As Fly Jerr continues to push the boundaries of hip-hop, “Valentin” solidifies his position as one of Montreal’s most promising talents. With each release, he proves that he’s here to stay, delivering hit after hit with his signature style and undeniable charisma.

Don’t miss out on Fly Jerr’s latest release, “Valentin.” Stream it now and experience the next chapter in the evolution of this rising rap star.