Kanye West’s Long-Awaited “New Body” Faces Yet Another Setback

For years now, Kanye West has been on a mission to release his track “New Body,” a song that has garnered anticipation since 2018. Originally featuring Ty Dolla $ign and Nicki Minaj, the track has remained in limbo, despite West’s persistent efforts to see it through.

Recent developments have reignited interest in the elusive song. YesJulz stirred the pot by leaking a text message exchange with West, revealing that she had forwarded “New Body” to both Doja Cat and Ice Spice. This revelation sparked excitement among fans, envisioning potential collaborations with these prominent female artists.

However, West dropped a bombshell earlier today, confirming that Ice Spice had indeed submitted a verse for “New Body.” Yet, to his dismay, her team is now refusing to clear it, leaving West and fans disheartened.

“ICE SPICE SENT A VERSE IN FOR NEW BODY NOW HER TEAM IS SAYING WE CAN’T USE IT,” West lamented, shedding light on the frustrating setback. The reasons behind the refusal remain undisclosed, leaving fans eager for answers and hopeful for a resolution.

The saga surrounding “New Body” encapsulates the challenges West has faced in bringing the track to fruition. While fans yearn for its release, they find themselves once again in a waiting game, hopeful that a solution can be reached.