Lancey Foux Drops New Single “On Ur Mind” to Kick off 2024

Known for his dynamic energy and distinct style, UK rapper Lancey Foux returns with a change of pace in his latest single, “On Ur Mind.” Following his 2023 album “BACK2DATRAP,” which featured auto-tuned rap tracks over bass-heavy beats, Foux opts for a more laid-back vibe with his newest release.

In “On Ur Mind,” the 28-year-old artist continues to experiment with vocal effects as he delves into themes of love and longing. Expressing confidence in his ability to provide happiness, Foux croons, “Rolex blue dial and you just had to have it, girl / I’m the one for your new life / I’m the one to make you happy, girl.”

The single has garnered positive reception from fans, with many expressing anticipation for Foux’s upcoming projects. Comments on social media platforms, particularly Instagram, reflect excitement for what’s next, with one enthusiastic follower even dubbing the track “SONG OF THE YEAR.” Additionally, there’s a notable buzz surrounding the release of another single, prompting eager anticipation among Foux’s audience.

As fans eagerly await further releases from the versatile UK artist, it’s clear that Lancey Foux’s musical journey in 2024 is off to an intriguing start.