Ice Spice Set to Drop New Single “Gimme a Light” on May 10th

Ice Spice took to Instagram on Saturday night to unveil the release date of her upcoming single, “Gimme a Light.” The post, accompanied by what appears to be the cover artwork, stirred anticipation among her followers. While she remained tight-lipped about further details, she did include a pre-save link in her bio for eager fans.

The excitement among Spice’s fans was palpable in the comments section, with one user expressing, “May already starting off fye,” and another anticipating, “This about to shift it all!!!” The comment section was ablaze with fire emojis as supporters eagerly awaited the drop of her latest track. Spice first showcased “Gimme a Light” during her electrifying performance at Coachella earlier this month.

As fans eagerly await the release of “Gimme a Light,” anticipation for Spice’s debut studio album, Y2K, continues to mount. The Jamaican artist has promised to deliver the album sometime this year, adding to the anticipation surrounding her musical endeavors.

In addition to her music, Ice Spice hinted at exciting prospects during an interview with T Magazine on Thursday. When asked about her future plans, she revealed her eagerness to embark on a tour in support of Y2K, emphasizing her desire to connect with fans on a personal level. Spice expressed her excitement about the prospect of face-to-face interactions, contrasting them with the sometimes overwhelming nature of online engagement. She humorously reflected on the plethora of fan accounts using her likeness, stating, “All their profile pictures are of me. It feels like a bunch of me’s talking back: It’s weird. Especially when it’s pictures I’ve never seen or don’t remember.”