Ryan Garcia Upsets Devin Haney, Hands Him First Professional Loss

Ryan Garcia secured a victory over Devin Haney, defying the odds as the underdog in their highly anticipated match. Despite concerns about his fitness leading up to the fight, Garcia’s performance spoke volumes as he dominated the ring, ultimately securing a win by majority decision.

Garcia’s triumph, despite weighing in three pounds over the agreed limit, marks a significant milestone in his career, boasting a record of 25-1 with 20 knockouts. While he missed out on claiming Haney’s WBC junior welterweight title due to the weight discrepancy, Garcia’s win remains a standout moment.

The turning point of the match occurred in Round 7 when Garcia floored Haney with a powerful left hook, shifting the momentum decisively. Despite contentious refereeing decisions, Garcia persisted, delivering another knockdown in Round 10 with the same devastating punch.

Acknowledging Garcia’s skill, Haney admitted to being caught off guard by the left hook that ultimately led to his defeat. Despite the loss, Garcia honored the terms of their pre-fight bet, paying Haney $500,000 USD for each pound he exceeded the weight limit.

Looking ahead, Garcia hinted at the possibility of a rematch, suggesting that their rivalry may continue in the future.