Doja Cat Makes Debut Talk Show Appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Recently, Doja Cat graced The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon stage, where she delved into various topics, including her recent Coachella performance – notably her eye-catching hairy outfit. This marked Doja Cat’s inaugural appearance on the show as a talk show guest, adding a new dimension to her presence on the late-night circuit.

Amidst engaging conversation, Doja Cat also treated the audience to a live rendition of “ACKNOWLEDGE ME,” a track featured on Scarlet 2: Claude Deluxe Edition. Continuing her thematic flair, she sported a striking white hair jacket and bodysuit, eschewing the long wig from her Coachella appearance in favor of her signature blond buzzcut.

The performance unfolded with a blend of crisp yet ethereal visuals, with Doja Cat and her supporting vocalists dressed in all white, shrouded in a mist of fog for added drama. The band and vocalists maintained a steady groove throughout, perfectly complementing the song’s dynamic rhythm as Doja Cat seamlessly transitioned between rap verses and melodic hooks.

The performance captured the essence of “ACKNOWLEDGE ME” with its infectious energy and captivating stage presence. Witness Doja Cat’s electrifying performance in the video below.