Drake Fires Back with Brutal Diss Track Against Kendrick Lamar

Drake wasted no time in delivering a blistering response to Kendrick Lamar‘s diss track. With “Family Matters,” he unleashed a relentless barrage of shots, leaving no room for hesitation. Teasing the release on Instagram through a Reel, Drake directed fans to the full response on YouTube.

The music video for “Family Matters” paints Toronto as its backdrop, featuring three distinct beat switches. The visuals range from a GKMC van being towed around the city to a black-and-white scene inside a lit hearse, symbolizing the impending onslaught of disses. Drake finally steps into the spotlight at Toronto’s New Ho King restaurant, reclaiming the narrative after Kendrick’s initial attack. Additionally, Drake flaunts his JOOPITER auction items, including coveted pieces from Pharrell, and addresses recent controversies, such as the threat of a lawsuit from Tupac‘s estate over AI-vocals.

The seven-minute video is packed with shots fired, particularly aimed at Kendrick Lamar. Drake doesn’t hold back, mocking Kendrick’s rap style, his marriage to Whitney, and his fatherhood. In response, Drake is depicted bonding with his son and navigating his mansion. The diss track also takes aim at other figures like The Weeknd, Rick Ross, and A$AP Rocky, but consistently circles back to Kendrick, whom Drake accuses of domestic violence.

“Family Matters” marks Drake’s third diss track directed at Kendrick, following “Push Ups” and “Taylor Made Freestyle.” The full music video is available below for those eager to witness the intense verbal sparring.