Kendrick Lamar Fires Back at Drake with “Meet the Grahams”

Kendrick Lamar wasted no time in responding to Drake‘s recent track, “Family Matters.” In less than 24 hours, he dropped two diss tracks aimed at the 6God, hitting not only Drake but also his family hard.

In his latest track, “meet the grahams,” Kendrick doesn’t hold back. He takes shots at Drake’s son Adonis, mother Sandra, and father Dennis. The most surprising jab? Kendrick’s claim that Drake has a daughter, adding a new layer to the feud.

Drake quickly addressed the allegations on Instagram, dismissing them with humor. But Kendrick’s track, accompanied by a cover photo reminiscent of his previous work, continues the assault. He paints Drake as a manipulator and a gambling addict, pulling no punches.

As tensions rise between the two rappers, fans are eager for the next move. Drake’s response on Instagram gives a glimpse into his mindset, while Kendrick’s tracks keep the feud burning hot. In this showdown of hip-hop heavyweights, the stakes couldn’t be higher.