Drake Teases Upcoming Musical Collaboration with Gordo, Set to Drop This Summer

Fresh from his recent lyrical sparring with Kendrick Lamar, Drake seems to be stirring up something fresh with Gordo. Refusing to hit the brakes, Drake is ready to unleash more vibes later this summer.

Keeping the creative juices flowing in the studio, the Canadian rap sensation made a cameo on Gordo’s recent Instagram Story. Gordo dropped a tantalizing hint that new tunes featuring Drake are on the horizon, set to drop in “Summer 2024.” Gordo, an influential Guatemalan-American electronic dance music producer, is celebrated for pioneering the festival trap sound in mainstream music and for his knack for crossing genres. Having collaborated with Drake previously and even receiving credit on Drake’s track “Honestly Nevermind,” Gordo’s stamp on the music scene is unmistakable.

Drake is on a roll, recently lending his talents to Sexxy Red’s latest track, “U My Everything.” While he might be taking a breather post-Kendrick beef, fans eagerly await to see if there will be any references to their feud in the upcoming summer project with Gordo.