Biggie Smalls Planned to Leave Diddy’s Bad Boy Records Before His Death

A recent explosive article from Rolling Stone has shed light on Sean “Diddy” Combs’ tumultuous relationship with The Notorious B.I.G., suggesting that the iconic rapper was planning to break ties with Combs’ Bad Boy Records shortly before his tragic death.

According to several sources interviewed for the exposé, Combs and Biggie were locked in a legal battle over the rapper’s publishing rights. The tension between them was palpable, with Combs reportedly vowing to retain control of Biggie’s music “until [his] bones are crushed into powder.” Even hip-hop photographer Monique Bunn confirmed that Biggie had expressed intentions to leave Combs’ label.

When Biggie was fatally shot in March 1997, Combs allegedly seized the opportunity to capitalize on the tragedy. He refused to grant leave to LaJoyce Brookshire, a former publicity director for Bad Boy who was with Biggie just before his death. Instead, Combs redirected her efforts toward ensuring the success of Biggie’s posthumous album.

In a controversial move, Combs rejected a Rolling Stone cover opportunity featuring Biggie, opting instead to promote his own debut album. This decision drew criticism even from Suge Knight of Death Row Records, known for his confrontational nature. Knight emphasized that, in contrast, he focused on rebuilding after the loss of Tupac Shakur.

The article paints a picture of the complex dynamics within the music industry during that era, highlighting the power struggles and egos at play. It serves as a reminder of the intricate web of relationships behind the scenes of the music industry’s glittering facade.