Karen Salicath Jamali Drops Heavenly New Track “Angel Uriel”

Get ready to be lifted to the heavens with Karen Salicath Jamali ’s latest musical gem, “Angel Uriel.” This track continues to show Karen’s flair for combining deep spiritual vibes with her stunning piano skills.

Inspired by a dream that felt like a real visit from the Archangel Uriel—known for his connection to light—Karen has spun her dream threads into a musical piece that invites us to feel a touch of the divine. “Angel Uriel” offers a tranquil yet powerful melody, a soothing piano journey that feels like floating from shadows into a sunrise.

With each note, Karen’s piano tells a story, starting with gentle whispers and building up to a soul-stirring crescendo. This song isn’t just a listen; it’s an emotional voyage, a glide from dusk till dawn.

Karen doesn’t just make music; she shares experiences shaped by her innermost revelations. “Angel Uriel” came to her in a dream, but it lands in our ears as a beautifully arranged invitation to explore our own spiritual connections.

Adding to her collection of angel-inspired tunes, “Angel Uriel” follows the success of her album Angel Pollination, which also taps into otherworldly themes. Each song in her growing repertoire reflects her journey and her spiritual dialogues, showcasing her remarkable transition from visual artist to musical virtuoso.

Her compositions are more than just music; they are her way of painting with sound, of sharing the spiritual insights she’s gained. “Angel Uriel” is out now for all to hear, promising to be a soulful addition to the playlists of those who love a touch of the ethereal with their tunes.