Rising Rap Star TFace Talks Viral Freestyles, Musical Influences, and Future Aspirations

At just 18, TFace is rapidly becoming a standout voice in UK rap. Hailing from Leicester, TFace started his music journey at the age of 11. His new single, “Moneh,” went viral after a spontaneous TikTok freestyle, showcasing his compelling blend of lyrical flow and hard-hitting beats. With inspiration from modern rap giants, TFace is poised to carve out his own space in the music scene.

Join us as we explore his rise, creative process, and future ambitions.

Question: You mentioned starting your music journey at 11. Can you share more about what drew you into rap and who were your earliest influences?

Answer: My earliest influences were Chris Brown, Jason Derulo, and Michael Jackson. I used to look up to them at a young age, ever since watching them on TV.

Question: “Moneh” really took off after a freestyle on TikTok. Can you walk us through that day of freestyling with your friends? What was the atmosphere like, and how did it lead to creating the track?

Answer: It was a really chill vibe creating the song. I made the chorus with my friends and then went home after and completed the song.

Question: You’ve boldly stated you’re ‘coming for the rap game’s neck.’ Where do you see yourself in the next few years, and what are your biggest goals in the music industry?

Answer: In the next few years, I see myself as an established artist, and my biggest goal in the music industry is to be up there with the big dogs. With God anything is possible!

Question: What’s something about the music industry that surprised you as you started gaining more attention?

Answer: Something that surprised me is the famous people that have shown me love. I’m seeing so many celebrities interacting, and it’s leaving me in shock!

Question: Outside of your own tracks, what song or album do you have on repeat right now, and why?

Answer: A song I have on repeat right now is Clavish’s Rap Game Outro. The reason being that is because I can understand the song on a deeper level and just connect with it properly.

Question: If you could collaborate with any artist, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

Answer: Dave, because he is just the best in the game!

Question: When it comes to writing, do you prefer to jot things down or keep them all in your head? What’s your process like from concept to final verse?

Answer: When it comes to writing, I brainstorm in my head and write down the words that I’m brainstorming, which I then patch into a final project.

Question: Rap can often invite both praise and criticism. How do you handle criticism, and has it ever influenced your music style or lyrics?

Answer: Criticism just makes me go harder to be honest. I wouldn’t feel any type of way if someone didn’t like my music because I know deep down within myself what I can do; therefore, I have no time to take in what the next man has to say. Constructive criticism, on the other hand, is acceptable, as I would reflect on it and try to implement it into my songs to make them better.

With “Moneh” setting the stage for his future endeavors, TFace is ready to take the rap world by storm. Stay tuned as he continues to blend his diverse influences and bring fresh energy to the industry. Keep an eye out—TFace is a name you’ll be hearing a lot more of.

Stream “Moneh” below: