Tommy Richman Releases Debut Album ‘Coyote’

Tommy Richman, known as 2024’s breakout star “Million Dollar Baby,” is proving he’s got more in store than just a few viral hits. The quickly rising ISO Supremacy artist has announced that his first full-length album, titled Coyote, is in the works. This highly anticipated project is expected to feature the hit track that launched Tommy Richman into the spotlight, as well as his new single “DEVIL IS A LIE.”

Richman shared the exciting news on Instagram with the caption, “ANNOUNCING MY DEBUT ALBUM. IT’S CALLED COYOTE. BACK OF BILLBOARD MAGAZINE,” right after the release of “DEVIL IS A LIE.” The track, which has already gone viral, had been teased on TikTok since the end of May, building significant buzz among his fans.

The retro two-minute track has drawn comparisons to the early sounds of The Neptunes, and its nostalgic visual accompaniment has only added to its appeal.

Coyote holds the promise of solidifying Richman’s place in the music industry. While the release date is still unknown, and details like the tracklist and featured artists are scarce, the anticipation is palpable. Richman’s unique blend of sounds and his ability to capture the cultural moment have fans awaiting more information.

Stay tuned for more updates on Coyote as Richman continues to rise and make his mark.