Kehlani Shares Insightful Details About Her Current Relationships with YG and Saweetie

In a recent interview, Kehlani addressed her former partner YG’s relationship with her friend and collaborator Saweetie. During the chat, published on June 25, Kehlani shared her perspective on their relationship and her stance on exes in general.

When Nessa complimented Kehlani on being a “cool” ex, the 29-year-old singer responded with a laugh. “Well, because I’m a lesbian, so why would I care about any male exes?” Kehlani explained. “I also don’t care about what any of my exes are doing – male, female, anything. My goal is for everybody to be happy. Even when I’m with someone, if we’re not mutually happy, we shouldn’t be together. And I love Saweetie!”

Kehlani expressed her genuine admiration for Saweetie, noting, “I think she’s so cute and so fine. We have a song together. We hang out. She’s cool. And they make so much sense together. Knowing them both, I’m like, you know what? I really like this. I’ve told him, ‘I like this a lot. Y’all look cute together.’”

Kehlani also mentioned that she’s not the jealous type, saying, “I just have too much pride for that. That’s embarrassing. If I was bothered, you would never know! That’s why I only lost my cool once.”

Kehlani and YG were together in 2019, but their relationship ended after YG was seen getting close to another woman in a nightclub. Despite his claims that he was drunk and still had feelings for Kehlani, they broke up soon after.

YG and Saweetie went public with their relationship in 2023, though they have had an on-and-off dynamic. Earlier this year, YG left an okay-hand emoji in the comments section of a gym selfie posted by Kehlani, hinting at some lingering connection. He later clarified his feelings, saying the “only block [he was] tryna spin” was on Saweetie.

At Rolling Loud Los Angeles, YG brought Saweetie on stage and publicly expressed his feelings for her. Although they didn’t perform together, they shared a brief moment on stage. Saweetie asked the crowd, “Do I look good?” to which YG responded, “Hell yeah, you fine as hell.” As she walked off, YG followed, repeatedly saying, “I love you, girl,” and Saweetie replied, “I love you too, baby.”

Kehlani’s comments on the situation highlight her mature and positive outlook on relationships. Her focus is on happiness and mutual respect, showing she has moved on from past relationships without harboring resentment.

Kehlani’s approach underscores the importance of individual happiness and supportive connections. Her straightforward views on her former partner and her friend reflect a healthy way of managing complex relationships with grace and understanding.