Kanye West Commends Nicki Minaj in Rediscovered 2015 Clip

The relationship between Kanye West and Nicki Minaj has seen its share of twists and turns, as highlighted in a recently surfaced 2015 video where West praises Minaj for her impact on his track “Monster.” Known for his candid remarks and evolving interactions within the industry, West notably lauded Minaj’s verse on the song, crediting her for delivering what he considered to be the standout performance on his album “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.”

During a lecture, West openly acknowledged Minaj’s contribution, emphasizing her lyrical prowess and her ability to outshine him on his own track. This sentiment was echoed over the years as West repeatedly commended Minaj for her role in elevating the song’s appeal.

However, tensions between the two artists surfaced in 2023 during a public dispute over clearance issues for the unreleased song “New Body.” West claimed that he had influenced Minaj‘s work on “Monster,” asserting his right to request revisions. In a social media post, West shared screenshots of text exchanges with Minaj, attempting to persuade her to clear her vocals for “New Body,” despite her reservations.

Minaj later addressed the controversy in an Instagram Live session, explaining her decision not to clear the track due to its dated nature and her focus on current projects. She emphasized her respect for West while prioritizing her latest endeavors in music.

The unresolved conflict over “New Body” serves as a testament to the complexities of creative collaboration and the challenges within the music industry. As both artists navigate their careers amidst differing perspectives, their ongoing dialogue continues to intrigue fans and industry observers alike.