Cardi B Becomes Playboy’s First Creative Director in Residence

Is there anything Cardi can’t do?

It was announced that Playboy connected with the Grammy-winning rapper Cardi B as its first-ever creative director and founder of the brand’s new creator-led platform, CENTERFOLD, which is set to launch this month. The creators will be allowed to directly interact with their fans, express themselves through the content created by them. It’s not clear what exactly Cardi will be doing for the platform, but creativity is 100% guaranteed.

The “UP” rapper took to Twitter to share her excitement. “What a dream!! I’m getting the party started as the Founding Creative Director and the Founding Member of CENTERFOLD, the new creator-led platform by Playboy. I’m so excited for everything that’s coming,” Cardi said in her statement. She also added that she already has many ideas.

Cardi hasn’t dropped an album since 2018’s “Invasion of Privacy.”