No Money Enterprise Drop Off Their Latest Single, ‘Bosque’

No Money Enterprise makes a triumphant return on “Bosque.”

We’re receiving a string of excellent releases from South East right now. The Queensland-based hip-hop group has been in the game for 3 years now, but it wasn’t until they delivered a new single by the name of “Bosque,” along with a fire music video, dropping tomorrow, April 9th. See the teaser below. In the visual’s comment section on YouTube, viewers already share their excitement

Back in 2019, Randy OT $avag.e, Tommy OT, OT RB, and OT Stallyon come onto the scene together and they were immediately seen as a power group. They’re always looking to change up their sound, combining elements of hip hop and drill music. “German,” the debut track by No Money Enterprise, remains one of the highest-charting singles of their career.

Stream “Bosque” on Spotify and let us know what you think of this new track.