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King Duji Releases An Exquisite New Single “Nefertiti”

With catchy lyricism and smooth transitions, Kind Duji drops another hit titled “Nefertiti.” “Nefertiti” features demonstrations of energy, swag, hypnotic rhythms, and excellent harmonies. The track is a full-fledged showcase of King Duji’s carefully performed flow over a breathtaking production in which beautifully calibrated beats and intriguing melodic progressions blend seamlessly with the artist’s superb performance.

King Duji is unquestionably a master of his art. His rapping is unique, with a powerful voice that inspires and a playful yet majestic tone that captivates the listener. This creative and unique artist from Melbourne is proud to make a significant mark on the music industry and to one day possibly be one of the best hip hop artists ever! Make sure to listen to his latest track below!

King Duji can be found on Instagram | Youtube | Spotify


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