Brian Walker Drops A New Track “Ring Ring”

Think of Justin Timberlake’s TKO. “Ring Ring” by Brian Walker proudly preserves the theatrical vibe of earlier Pop records. It lays everything on the line with an unbelievable degree of honesty and sincerity. It also dazzles with a crystal-clear production that has the power to make you sing along, dance, and consider the plot all at once, using a luscious groove and some excellent flowing vocals. 

The gorgeous yet delicate vocals are processed just where they need to be, are enhanced with harmonies, and are incorporated into this expansive but not disorienting ambiance. When done this way, the track maintains the ideal ratio of drive to sensation.

Walker uses his bedroom as a home studio to create, compose, and record his music. His own life experiences serve as the basis for his lyrics. Walker’s percussion and harmonies draw inspiration from a wide range of genres and eras, while his appealing melodies tend more toward commercial pop.

The single is gaining momentum as we speak! With thousands of streams on Spotify already, Brian Walker is on his way to the top of the charts. 

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