Kyrie Irving Is Not Returning To Brooklyn Nets’ Games, Yet

Last week the 30-year-old NBA player Kyrie Irving ignited controversy by tweeting a link to the 2018’s film ‘”Hebrews to Negroes: Wake Up Black America.” The movie is based on a same-name book, which was described as “venomously anti-Semitic.” Since posting the link to the film on Twitter, Irving told the reporters, “I’m not going to stand down on anything that I believe in.” He later deleted the post without any explanation.

After a few days, his club, Brooklyn Nets suspended the All-Star for at least five games. Irving, who has been criticized for failing to apologize, finally said he was sorry in a statement, but only after he got his minimum five-game ban. His return date to the team remains unclear. 

Irving took to Twitter a few days ago to write, “I was not put here on earth to participate in any religious/political wars or incite racial disharmony/prejudice within communities. We are all equal under the sun and I am here to participate in the building of an Equal world and follow the Word from the Most High/GOD/YAH.”