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Tspokes Drops A New Track “Just A Call Away”

Tspokes has dropped a new track titled “Just A Call Away.” Tspokes’ reflection on her life’s highs and lows is heard in the song. She gives a powerful performance with poignant words and a lot of contemplation over a guitar-heavy upbeat melody. With its well-crafted lyrics, strong vocal performance, and catchy music, “Just A Call Away” proves to be a huge smash to add to your hip-hop-heavy playlist. 

The brilliant and captivating songwriting abilities of Tspoke are heard throughout the entire track. The song “Just A Call Away” combines a smooth melody with thoughtful lyrics to create a comfy feeling in the ears that blends dope bars with the current hit. “Just A Call Away” is an excellent song to add to your hip-hop-heavy playlist because of its well-crafted rhymes, strong vocal performance, and catchy tempo.

Tspokes can be found on Spotify | TikTok | Instagram


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