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“I Don’t Cry (I Dance)” Says Rosse

“I Don’t Cry (I Dance)” Says Rosse

Rosse is on top of her game with a fun, disruptive single “I Don’t Cry (I Dance)”, and we love it! There’s so much energy and unfeigned positivity in everything this artist does, and her new song is no exception! With hundreds of thousands of streams already, “I Don’t Cry (I Dance)” has won the hearts of many new fans with infectious beats and exquisite synths. 
Rosse, tagged the ‘undercover popstar’ throughout social media, has garnered mass attention with her unique industrial-club pop sound. Still working a 9-5 corporate job in the cannabis industry, Rosse has found a way to balance it all. Her sultry and dynamic voice interlocked with her fierce and unapologetic lyrics has cut through this generation as a beacon to listeners across the world. Give “I Don’t Cry (I Dance)” a listen down below!


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