Epic Collab By Massaeli x STEFI: “Hostage”

When two already awesome artists come together, their collaboration is bound to be something extraordinary. Such is the case with today’s feature “Hostage” created by STEFI – a singer based in New Jersey, and Massaeli, a self-taught artist from West Africa. A smooth, incredibly soft-sounding and yet dynamic and vibrant piece, “Hostage” is not just a must-hear but also a must-add to your playlists!

A bit about the artists – Massaeli is a young, self-taught and self-made artist, born and raised in West Africa. Growing up, he was exposed to all genres of music, which led to him being the versatile and diverse artist he is today. Influenced by hip-hop, RnB, Pop and Afro, Massaeli effortlessly blends these sounds into his craft. STEFI was born and raised in Bitola, Macedonia, later moving to the US. Inspired by vocal trailblazers that collaborate with renowned EDM producers, STEFI set in motion her own music project to make her own music. In 2021, she released her first single “FREE” and in 2022 she was featured in a collaboration with a music producer from Sweden, with whom she released an EDM song “INTO YOU”.