Chlöe Bailey Unveils Tracklist for Debut Album “In Pieces”

Chlöe Bailey has recently announced the tracklist for her highly anticipated debut album, “In Pieces.” In an Instagram post, she shared an animation that showed a heart in her hand while revealing the fourteen tracks on the album. The album includes collaborations with big names such as Missy Elliott, Future, and Chris Brown.

The cover art for “In Pieces” features Bailey wearing a white dress while holding a heart in her hand. In a separate note, Bailey shared that the album was made to connect with her fans on a deeper level.

Bailey also released a new single titled “How Does It Feel” featuring Chris Brown. The track samples Usher‘s 2003 hit “Throwback” featuring Jadakiss and explores the sacrifices the two artists have made for the loves in their lives. The single comes with an accompanying video that showcases the chemistry between the two stars as they speak to each other before an ultimate divide breaks down the room they stand in, signaling the official end of a romance.

Chlöe’s fans can look forward to “In Pieces” as it promises to be a deep and meaningful album that connects with listeners on a personal level.