Exclusive: KruddTheGuru On “LifesAMess” & The Raw Essence Of Hip-Hop

KruddTheGuru, a rising rapper hailing from Baltimore, has made quite the buzz with his latest single “LifesAMess.” He places great importance on the raw and authentic essence of his music, skillfully navigating the delicate balance between staying true to his personal experiences and connecting deeply with his audience.

In our interview, the artist breaks down his recent release that explores life’s hardships and societal pressures. He opens up about his personal demons and the struggle to find himself again after getting lost in the chaos. KruddTheGuru also highlights the role of hip-hop music in raising awareness about mental health issues and breaking down stigma, considering it as therapy for the community. 

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“LifesAMess” is a song that delves into the hardships and obstacles in life, ranging from individual struggles to the societal pressures that we face. Can you share some of your personal demons and how you have dealt with them?

I think one of my biggest demons was trying to find myself again after losing myself in the chaos throughout these recent years.

Your latest release touches on the topic of mental health. How do you perceive the influence of hip-hop music in raising awareness about mental health issues and breaking down stigma surrounding it? 

Hip hop was based on hardships and for many years and the struggles in the community. I feel as though mental health plays a big role in hip hop just off of that. It’s like therapy for our community and what we have been through throughout the years.

In what ways do you see your songs contributing to the vibrant hip-hop community in Baltimore, which has been greatly influenced by the city’s iconic club music scene?

I feel like my songs show that we can still talk about real stuff and vibe and bump all at the same time. Me even mixing D&B and other types of Alternative and House music shows the range we have here in the scene.

Is there a particular artist or producer you have in mind that you would like to collaborate with in the future, and what draws you to working with them?

Not really, I wouldn’t mind working with Tyler, the Creator or Future.

How do you interpret the labels of “raw” and “authentic” that have been used to describe your music, and how do you balance staying true to your personal experiences and emotions while still making music that connects with your audience?

Something that doesn’t have much of a filter, it’s real and is what it is. I keep the balance by just trusting myself and my process and just going with the flow. I usually just make what I’m feeling and hope people feel it too.

Can you share with us about a specific life experience that has had a significant impact on your music and your creative process? 

Losing a good friend that was like a little brother to me to suicide really changed me a lot. I’ve always made dark music, but I feel like that put me in a darker place.

How do you use music to express and work through emotions, particularly during challenging times, and how is this reflected in your unique sound?

Music is really therapeutic for me. It gets me through a lot of things. Even if I’m just engineering a song or just messing around with vocals. I record myself so I’m usually alone and it just gives me time to think.

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