Doja Cat on Losing Followers: “I Feel Free”

In the midst of the music world’s ever-shifting landscape, Doja Cat stands her ground, unfazed by the fanfare surrounding her recent statements. The vibrant “Paint The Town Red” rapper has been causing quite a stir with her candid remarks on social media, sparking both admiration and raised eyebrows from her dedicated fanbase.

Doja Cat‘s unapologetic authenticity has been the catalyst for a series of headline-worthy moments that have left fans both intrigued and reflective. With the spotlight shining brightly, the artist has unabashedly labeled her last two albums as “cash grabs,” prompting her devoted followers to reevaluate their perspectives. She’s taken the unconventional route of refraining from professing her love to fans and boldly rejected the fandom name “Kittenz,” leaving an enigmatic trail of statements that have had her supporters buzzing.

The repercussions of Doja’s candidness have been palpable. The fallout has led to the deactivation of numerous fan accounts, triggering a noticeable decline in the rapper’s follower count. However, Doja Cat addresses the ebb and flow of fandom with grace, sharing her sentiments on social media. In a poignant Instagram story, she expressed, “Seeing all these people unfollow makes me feel like I’ve defeated a large beast that’s been holding me down for so long and it feels like I can reconnect with the people who really matter and love me for who I am and not for who I was. I feel free.”

Doja’s Instagram followers dropped by 300,000, now standing at 25.1 million – a testament to the evolving dynamics of her fan community.

But it’s not all about numbers and unfollows. Doja Cat has her eyes set on the stage, and she’s ready to make her mark with “The Scarlet Tour.” As October 31 approaches, she’s set to grace arenas across North America, bringing her unique energy to the live stage. Joined by the talents of Doechii and Ice Spice, the tour promises a magnetic atmosphere that will resonate with fans, old and new.