Drake Sets Release Date for “For All the Dogs”

After a series of cryptic teasers, Drake has made it official: his highly anticipated album, “For All the Dogs,” will be hitting the airwaves on September 22. The Canadian superstar took to social media to share the exciting news, using an old video clip featuring his father, Dennis Graham, performing on the Canadian-aired TV series, “Stormy Monday With Danny Marks.”

But before the official announcement, Drake had already dropped hints on his Instagram Stories, sharing a photo of the back of his head adorned with colorful hair accessories in the shape of numbers: 0922. Fans were quick to interpret this as a clear indicator of a September 22 release date, which aligns with Drake’s previous statements about the album’s imminent arrival. In late August, he assured his eager followers, “It’s not going to be that much longer, trust me. I’m finishing it up. You know I got shows everybody. But I promise you, ‘For All the Dogs’ is on the way. If you never loved anything I’ve ever done in the past, I promise you, this album will be for you. It’ll be worth the wait.”

Rumors initially swirled that “For All the Dogs” would drop on August 25 after Amazon Music posted and subsequently deleted a tweet seemingly confirming that release date. However, now the official word is out: mark your calendars for September 22, when Drake’s “For All the Dogs” will finally grace our ears with its highly anticipated presence.