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Ayri’s Musical Journey: Blending Cultures and Emotions in “Yes” and Beyond

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Ayri is making notable strides in the Latin pop music scene with her latest release, “Yes.” Currently based in the United States, Ayri combines her diverse cultural influences and musical training to create songs that resonate deeply with her audience.

Ayri‘s musical path began with an early love for jazz and iconic bands like The Beatles, leading her to pursue a formal music education. Her exploration of classic American songs and influences from artists like Madonna, Michael Jackson, Rihanna, Adele, and Selena Gomez have shaped her into a versatile artist. Her songwriting process, starting with a simple melody and evolving into rich lyrics, reflects her commitment to authenticity and emotional connection.

Every new song delivers something new, something nice. You get a lot of inspiration when you create a song, you come out, you’re very happy because it’s something new and really cool, you derive pleasure from it.

Soon there will be new releases, very cool songs, like Mi Amor and Swim. Mi Amor in Spanish, very unusual, a really cool song. And Swim, it’s so heartfelt, emotional, cool, which we wrote with Tristan Rice.


The track “Yes” exemplifies Ayri‘s style, characterized by its vibrant energy and confident lyrics. It captures the essence of an electric moment on the dance floor with its chorus, “Uh huh, Ima have to give my number, I want ya, Baby I want ya,” radiating a bold spirit. Ayri describes her experience of creating new songs as a source of immense joy and inspiration. “Every new song delivers something new, something nice. You get a lot of inspiration when you create a song; you come out, you’re very happy because it’s something new and really cool, and you derive pleasure from it,” she shares.

Her talent extends beyond music, with a background in broadcasting and newspaper writing, which adds a unique narrative depth to her songs. Furthermore, her entrepreneurial spirit is evident in her own jewelry brand, which showcases her multifaceted creativity.

Ayri‘s collaboration with multi-platinum producer Val Coleman has been a crucial aspect of her musical evolution. The upcoming releases, including “Mi Amor” and “Swim,” promise to add to her repertoire of dynamic songs. “Mi Amor,” a track with a Spanish twist, promises to be an unusual and exciting addition. “Swim,” described as heartfelt and emotional, is a collaboration with Tristan Rice that Ayri is particularly excited about.

Her journey from Cyprus to the global music scene is reflected in her work, particularly in “Yes,” a blend of her experiences and aspirations. The track is more than a dance number; it’s a representation of her artistic identity, vibrant and unabashed.

As Ayri continues to evolve as an artist, her upcoming album is eagerly anticipated. It promises to be a fusion of her influences from Latin America, the Middle East, and Africa, embodied in songs like “Mi Amor” and “Swim.” Ayri‘s music is not just a reflection of her belief in the inherent goodness of people and the world but also a testament to her ability to create music that uplifts and inspires. Her “Yes” is a statement of her unique and bold artistic presence in the Latin Pop genre.

Listen to “Yes” here:


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