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Kelly Monrow: Illuminating the Music Scene with “Lead with Love”

kelly monrow lead with love

In today’s world, where music goes beyond simple entertainment, Kelly Monrow emerges as a symbol of resilience and inspiration. The singer-songwriter and actress from Austin, Texas, previously recognized for her roles in “Billions” and “Lucifer,” now captures the hearts of the music audience with her profound single, “Lead with Love.”

Monrow‘s journey from a Hollywood actress to a musical artist is as remarkable as it is motivational. During the isolation of the COVID-19 lockdowns, she rekindled her love for music, adopting the stage name Kelly Monrow. This period was a turning point, allowing her to transform her life experiences and emotions into music that not only tells her story but also connects with listeners everywhere.

Her debut EP “Pronoia” and her album “Scars of Venus” stand as evidence of her artistic range, blending elements of Americana with 90’s alternative pop-rock. These pieces illustrate Monrow‘s talent in creating songs that explore personal liberation and introspection. Tracks like “Down Your Spine” and “Go For Gold” demonstrate her skill in combining reflective lyrics with engaging tunes.

Her recent single, “Lead with Love,” symbolizes Monrow‘s artistic ethos and personal evolution. The track is a heartfelt ballad that urges listeners to choose love, empathy, and understanding, even in challenging times. Its heartfelt lyrics, such as “When your heart is broke, and your money is tight, try to tell a joke, laugh through the tears,” echo the themes of resilience and hope that are central to Monrow’s artistry.

Influenced by music icons like Shania Twain and Dolly Parton, Kelly Monrow’s music is a harmonious blend of genuine emotion and skilled artistry. Her musical path is not just about song creation; it’s about sparking change, promoting self-exploration, and challenging societal expectations. With over 2.5 million streams and a notable debut at South By Southwest, Monrow has established herself not only as a musician but as a source of empowerment and inspiration.

Lead with Love” highlights Monrow‘s increasing impact in the music world. The song is more than a melody; it’s a call to action, encouraging listeners to adopt a compassionate

and empathetic approach to life’s challenges. In a world often marked by conflict and turmoil, Monrow’s music offers a much-needed perspective of love and peace.

Monrow’s transition from acting to music is a story of change and personal growth. Her ability to engage with her audience through authentic and diverse music cements her status as an influential figure in today’s music scene. “Lead with Love” is not just a song; it’s a testament to Monrow’s role as an artist who not only entertains but also inspires, positioning her as an essential voice in the contemporary music sphere.

Listen to “Lead with Love” below:


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