Lil Wayne Hopes for Super Bowl Halftime Performance in New Orleans, but No Confirmation Yet

Fans are eagerly speculating about potential halftime performers, with Lil Wayne emerging as a prominent contender. While no official announcement has been made regarding the lineup, the five-time Grammy winner recently shared his thoughts on the matter during a candid conversation on YG and Stevie’s 4HUNNID podcast.

Around the 22-minute mark of the hour-long episode, Lil Wayne opened up about the possibility of gracing the Super Bowl stage, revealing that he has yet to receive any contact from organizers. Despite the lack of communication, Lil Wayne remains optimistic, expressing his hopes and aspirations for the opportunity. “I will not lie to you,” he confessed to the podcast hosts. “I have not got a call or nothing. But we are praying. We praying. We keeping our fingers crossed. I’m working hard. I’mma make sure this next album and everything I do is killer. I wanna just make it hard for them not to holler at the boy.”

Lil Wayne highlighted the wealth of experience and talent he brings to the table, drawing parallels to Rihanna‘s iconic Super Bowl LVII performance. “I could be like RiRi,” he mused, reflecting on Rihanna’s enduring impact on the halftime show circuit.

In the meantime, this Sunday’s Apple Music Halftime Show, headlined by Usher, has captured the attention of fans worldwide. Lil Wayne, when asked about his expectations for the event, eagerly shared his anticipation for a Super Bowl rendition of Usher’s classic track “Nice & Slow,” envisioning how the iconic hit could captivate audiences on the grand stage.