Drake and Sexyy Red Become Parents in the Music Video for “Rich Baby Daddy,” Featuring SZA

Drake has unveiled the music video for his track ‘Rich Baby Daddy,’ a standout from his recent album ‘For All The Dogs,’ released in October. The visual, presented in the nostalgic style of a VHS home video, captures a unique narrative featuring Sexyy Red going into labor.

Set in an alternate universe, the video follows Drake as he navigates domestic scenes alongside Sexyy Red and SZA. Opening with Drake behind the camera, the footage provides a glimpse into their everyday lives before the song takes center stage approximately 40 seconds into the video.

Around the two-minute mark, the song momentarily halts as a visibly pregnant Sexyy Red announces her water breaking, prompting her to urge Drake to “put the camera down!” SZA, equally exasperated, races up the stairs to join the Missouri artist, questioning Drake with a blunt “Are you fuckin’ dumb? Can you stop?”

Undeterred, Drake defends his actions, explaining that he is “trying to capture the moment.” The music resumes, portraying the trio en route to the hospital, with scenes of SZA dancing in the hallway and Sexyy Red in the throes of labor. The video provides an intimate and unconventional take on the journey to welcome a new life. Check it out below.