Kobe Bryant’s 2000 NBA Championship Ring Sets Record at Auction

Los Angeles Lakers icon Kobe Bryant has made headlines once again, this time for setting a new sports memorabilia record. Goldin Auctions recently finalized the sale of Bryant’s 2000 NBA championship ring for an astounding $927,200 USD, surpassing the previous record held by Bill Russell’s 1957 championship ring, which sold for $705,000 USD in 2021. This marks Bryant’s first championship ring, making it a significant piece of basketball history.

Goldin Auctions took to X to announce the groundbreaking sale, declaring the ring as the most expensive NBA title ring ever sold. Originally gifted by Bryant to his father Joe, the ring’s journey to auction has drawn attention. Goldin clarified that the ring sold was the same one initially consigned to them by the Bryant family in 2013, and the new owner, not Joe Bryant, is their cosignor. Describing the ring as a “true one-of-a-kind,” Goldin emphasized its unique status as the only championship ring ever given by Kobe to his father.

Featuring 40 diamonds set on a 14-karat piece, Bryant’s ring showcases the No. 8, emblematic of the first half of his illustrious career. Engraved with the Lakers’ impressive 67-15 regular-season record and their 15-8 postseason record from the 2000 season, the ring symbolizes the team’s triumph over the Indiana Pacers in six games to clinch the title.

Despite the excitement surrounding the sale, controversy has arisen among sports fans who argue that such memorabilia holds historical significance. In 2013, Kobe sued his parents for attempting to sell a significant portion of his NBA memorabilia, including the 2000 NBA Championship ring. The incident strained his relationship with his parents, with tensions dating back to 2001 when Bryant expressed disappointment that his parents did not attend the finals after disapproving of his marriage to Vanessa Bryant.

With the record-breaking sale, Goldin Auctions has made waves in the sports memorabilia world, though the identity of the ring’s new owner remains undisclosed.