Mozzy and Eric Bellinger Drop New Single “JADED”

Sacramento’s own Mozzy, known for delivering gritty street anthems and hard-hitting bangers, is back with a new track alongside R&B sensation Eric Bellinger. Titled “JADED,” the single serves as a teaser for Mozzy’s upcoming album, “Children of The Slums.”

“JADED” marks Mozzy’s first solo release of 2024, following a string of three other tracks from his extensive discography, including “IF I DIE RIGHT NOW,” “AIN’T ON S***,” and “FREE JUJU,” all dropped in 2023. Fans can anticipate the full album, “Children of The Slums,” to hit shelves on Friday, April 19, according to Genius.

This collaboration isn’t new territory for Mozzy and Eric Bellinger, as “JADED” marks their fourth joint effort. Previous collaborations like “Gang Slide” and “One of Those” showcased their seamless blend of rap and R&B styles. In “JADED,” the duo explores themes of loyalty and distrust, reflecting on the complexities of relationships in the streets.

What are your thoughts on “JADED”? Do you think it’s Mozzy’s standout track? Who delivered the better performance, Mozzy or Eric Bellinger? Are you excited for Mozzy’s upcoming album? Share your thoughts in the comments below. And as always, stay tuned to HNHH for the latest updates on Mozzy and Eric Bellinger, along with the most insightful song posts throughout the week.