JT Releases Solo Track “Okay” Amid City Girls Feud

The once inseparable duo, JT and Yung Miami of City Girls, find themselves at odds in a very public feud, marking a tumultuous turn for the rap partners. The rift began when Miami accused JT of covertly dissing her on X (formerly Twitter), a claim vehemently denied by JT who accused Miami of feigning ignorance. Despite a temporary cooling-off period following the social media explosion, the future of City Girls hangs in uncertainty.

Amidst the discord, JT seizes the moment to drop her solo single, “Okay,” a move that underscores the potential dissolution of City Girls. The Florida rapper teased a snippet of the track on April 16, accompanied by a pre-order link, showcasing her trademark confident style over a vibrant beat characterized by horn-heavy melodies and lively drums. While JT’s verses maintain her signature braggadocio, it’s the swagger rather than the lyrical intricacies that have always defined the appeal of City Girls’ music. “Okay” boasts a memorable chorus with lines like, “I’m pretty than a motherf**ker, h*es be lookin’ okay,” encapsulating JT’s unapologetic attitude.

“Okay” emerges as the latest offering from JT’s anticipated debut album, although details regarding its title and release date remain elusive. The track follows in the footsteps of previous singles like “Sideways” and “No Bars,” both released in 2023. In an Instagram post celebrating “No Bars,” JT expressed her joy in creating music that resonates with her, hinting at a newfound freedom in her solo endeavors. With “Okay,” JT continues to assert her musical independence and command attention amidst the turbulence surrounding City Girls’ future.