Kendrick Lamar Releases “Euphoria”

In the midst of the ongoing rap beef saga, Kendrick Lamar steps into the fray with his latest track, “Euphoria.”

Clocking in at six minutes, the song arrives hot on the heels of Drake‘s recent diss tracks, “Push Ups” and “Taylor Made Freestyle,” the latter being removed from streaming platforms due to AI usage issues.

Lamar doesn’t hold back, addressing the situation head-on in the second verse. He tackles the consequences of glorifying violence in rap, calling out the hypocrisy of those who mourn online while perpetuating real-life cycles of violence.

Throughout the track, Lamar doesn’t shy away from naming names, referencing J.Cole and Drake directly. He navigates themes of love and hate within the industry, questioning authenticity and calling out personas.

In a lighter moment, Lamar gives shoutouts to Lil Yachty and Sexyy Red, injecting some humor by teasing Drake’s “The Boy” persona.

While “Euphoria” isn’t available on streaming platforms yet, fans can catch it on YouTube below.