Balenciaga’s Spring 2025 Collection Highlights Ultra-Chunky Platform Sneakers

Balenciaga’s new footwear is made for those who want to stand tall – literally.

Introducing the “Platform Sneaker” from their Spring 2025 collection, these shoes sit on an impressive 6.2-inch platform. Debuting recently in China, these sneakers embrace Balenciaga’s signature distressed and chunky style, similar to their past hits like the Cargo Sneaker from Summer 2024 and the 10XL from Fall 2024.

Despite their layered look, the sneakers are designed with mesh underlays to keep them breathable. Available in red, silver, white, and black, the shoes feature intentional rips, tears, and wear marks. The rounded silhouette is topped off with the towering six-inch platform.

This season, Balenciaga also introduces the Giant Boot with a staggering seven-inch platform.