The Weeknd Donates 18 Million Loaves of Bread to Gaza

Back in December, The Weeknd partnered with the UN World Food Programme to donate 4 million meals to Gaza, demonstrating his commitment to humanitarian causes. Today, it has been revealed that he is extending his generosity even further.

The singer is now donating an additional $2 million from his XO Humanitarian Fund to supply 1,500 metric tons of fortified wheat flour. This flour will be used to bake 18 million loaves of bread for Gaza, aiming to help feed 157,000 Palestinians for a month. This recent donation brings the total amount The Weeknd has contributed to Gaza to $4.5 million. He is also encouraging his fans to join in supporting the cause through the World Food Programme.

“We are very thankful for Abel’s ongoing support as we work to address the urgent hunger crisis in Gaza,” said Barron Segar, President and CEO of World Food Program USA. “Hunger is a problem created by humans, and it can be resolved. There is enough food in the world to feed everyone; what we need is the necessary funding and safe access to distribute it. Thanks to Abel’s donation, families and children will receive the food they desperately need.”

The Weeknd’s continuous efforts to support Gaza highlight his dedication to helping those in need. His actions not only provide essential aid but also raise awareness about the hunger crisis, encouraging others to contribute to the solution. His commitment serves as a powerful example of how individual contributions can make a significant impact on global issues. Through his music and philanthropy, The Weeknd is making a meaningful difference in the lives of many.